Posted in March 2011

On Consuming Less

Zürich is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Nick and I have been thinking about our options for the future, and as some of them might involve significantly lower income, we also began to think about our expenses and lifestyle. I am quite bad at keeping track of my spending, or even … Continue reading

Taking The Good with The Bad

“I don’t know what to write about on my blog this week”, I told Andrew this afternoon. “Write about the things you fail to get in your life!” “What? Why would I write about that? Besides, I kind of get what I want, usually.” I said, smiling smugly. “See! That’s your problem! Look at the … Continue reading

25 Ways NOT to Score Points with Girls

Everyday, I hear guys complain about how they have given the wrong impression to a girl who is now desperately in love with them and becomes obsessed with having sex with them. I thought I could help these guys sending the right message: “go away!” So here is my list: On a date, ignore her. … Continue reading

Why I Try to Be a Vegetarian

For all of you who ask me: “Why are you a vegetarian?”, here are the reasons: Eating animals is cruel First, the way animals are raised and slaughtered is absolutely horrifying, and enough videos like the one below have done the rounds that by now everyone should be aware of this: Of course, the situation … Continue reading

The Swiss and Their Rules, Guns and Money.

Teaching French to adults in Switzerland is an endless source of frustration, puzzlement… and laughter. Frustrating, because it can be tricky to get Swiss people to debate in class about any subject, especially a political one. Of course, I am their teacher, and they probably prefer to share their opinion at home or with friends. … Continue reading