English Words I Don’t Dare To Say


Who said that English was easy? I hate any english word with the damned th in it. When the th is combined with an r,  hate turns into anguish. My French tongue wasn’t trained to utter such sounds. Hence, my options are to say:

  1. Firdy-free (when I am tired, I don’t even try)
  2. Ssirty-ssree (when I do try to master the th)

The problem with the former is that people then understand forty instead of thirty. The latter is just embarrassing. I am 27;  3 more years before I start to be ashamed of telling my age– for ten years. Most of the times, I do try though (another horrible word, that I dare to write, but not to say). Since my fiancé is from New Zealand, I speak English everyday; alas, I remain unable to even fake an English accent.


Here are 3 different reactions I recently encountered when saying the B word:


Me: Blablabla,”Babbels”, blablablabla
P:[at first, no reaction] blablablabla

10 minutes later:

P: Haha, how you said Bubbles just before.
Me: What? What was wrong with it? I say it perfectly: babbels. How do you say it?
P:[with a Swiss accent] Bobels.

2. Later that day:

Me: Androo, do you think I say babbels correctly?
A: [mildly scared of my reaction to his critic] hum, I’m not sure, you kind of say it correctly but not completely.

10 minutes later:

A: Can you say bubbles again?
Me: Why?
A: [stifling a laugh] No reason…
Me: Go to hell.

3. At home, trying to find some reassurance with Nick:

Me: Do you think it is funny to hear me say babbels?
N: [unfortunately, he is not afraid of mocking me anymore] Hahahaha, babbels, babbels, that’s what you say!
Me: you are mean.
N: hahahahaha


Of course I know the word, it is French! However, when a native English speaker says it, or any other French expression, I don’t understand. The English accent distorts the word so much as to turn it into a complete abomination. I refuse to pronounce something so barbarous.


Even after Nick mocked me several times, I continue to say suing, or sowing, I need to hear the word said correctly to say it right.

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10 thoughts on “English Words I Don’t Dare To Say

  1. It reminds me one day during an english course is Australia, everybody had to prononce the word “deaths”. Obviously this TH thing is just the worst stuff to prononce for french speakers but coupled with the S at the end, it is just really really complicated. I ended up making laugh the whole classroom, with my face turned red as my teacher was making me repeat over and over again. Another one I can think of is “turtle” … It becomes something like teutol, teurdol … ahah

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  3. SO TRUE!!!! I sympathise SO much….
    I used to say “focus” making it sound like “fuck us” ………………. no…. comment…. hahahaha

  4. @ Andrew: so it made you laugh, yay!
    @ Philipp: this extremely funny video made my day, and yeah, it is a shame that ö doesn’t exist in English.

  5. It’s funny because I can hear you saying the words as I’m reading. There’s an endearing, childlike quality to your ‘firty-free’ and I don’t even know why ‘bobels’ was so funny. But it was.

    But you can say entrepreneur in a more-or-less French way – just make it about 20% less French than usual so that we can understand it.

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