My Bike’s Dynamo Light

Tree on the way home

Riding my bike is a thrill, the fresh air blowing on my skin and in my hair brings me closer to nature and its elements. It is even better in the evening when I have to turn on the dynamo light. It is a light that doesn’t need any batteries– instead there is a small generator that touches the wheel when turned on, and uses the power of my pedaling to make electricity. When the reflection of the light appears on the road, it draws a wide luminous circle in front of me, while making a gentle whirring. It always takes me back to my childhood’s summers in Switzerland.

I used to visit my godparents every summer for 2 weeks in Mutschellen, a tiny village in Argau. Every evening after dinner, I would ride my bike with my godfather in the woods. I was fascinated by the dynamo light on my bike, and my godfather– an engineer– loved to explain the whole system to me, along with other things, like hybrid cars and birds species. We usually stopped on the way, always at the same place which we called “the conversation spot”, and we would elucidate some more mysterious facts of life.

Now that spring is here, when I ride along the river back home, the air smells the same as it used to, and I am 10 years old again.

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