Miss Blue and Miss Red

Let me introduce you to my closest friends, Miss Red and Miss Blue. Miss Red is hyperactive and tends to be skinny. “Sleeping is for pussies!” and “eating? A self-indulgent waste of time!” she would say. She treats food as fuel and keeps busy day and night.

While Miss Red is overly self-confident, Miss Blue believes she has no skills in anything. Hence, she’d rather spend her time at home, sleeping. reading, eating and watching movies than risking the disappointment she expects from any of her enterprises. She eats too much and doesn’t move enough, so you can picture how she looks.

Miss Red has many friends, but she never goes very deep into any relationship, however intense they might become, because she is too self-centered to develop genuine interest for someone. Also, commitment scares her: she remains single. Miss Blue, on the other hand, is a loner. Relationships in general are a source of anxiety for her.

She tends to cry a little bit while listenning to songs like I am a rock by Simon and Garfunkel when it goes: “I have no need for friendship, friendship causes pain, its laughter and its loving I disdain”. Miss Blue’s life is not all that bad though: she has a boyfriend. Lots of men want to protect the poor little thing for she makes them feel strong. She deperately needs her boyfriend’s shoulder to cry on when she fails or is disappointed with the world. The insecurity of singlehood would be overwhelming.

I saw Miss Red the other day, she was dancing around like a mad cat listening to M. Tamborine Man by Bob Dylan. She told me: “Don’t you like this song? The words are awesome! And then she was singing: “Though you might hear laughin’, spinnin’, swingin’ madly across the sun; It’s not aimed at anyone, it’s  just escapin’ on the run”.

They both smoke and drink, but for different reasons (apart from auto-destruction, they have that one in common). Miss Red just smokes for her health, if you don’t count Valium, it is the only socially acceptable way she found to relax a little bit. Drinking is part of her going out a lot and helps her loosing her inhibitions too. Miss Blue started smoking to have something to count on when she feels down. It’s easy enough to become addicted to the cigarette that will always be here to comfort you. The drinking temporarily mellows the constant flow of negative thoughts popping in her head.

I know them both too well because they cohabit inside of my head. They never hang out together but they sure drive me crazy. Miss Red is noisy and bothers me at night when I try to sleep. She wants me to stay awake to analyse the whole world. Miss blue’s colour is spreading in the atmosphere all around her like a contagious disease, and so is her insecurity. Sometimes, their voices are so insistant  that I confuse my own personality with one of them; until the other one takes over.

But hey, I’m stronger than them and keep them quiet most of the time. I hate them both, but they won’t leave me alone. So at one point in my life, I decided to try to have a good relationship with them instead of just shutting them down. From time to time, I visit Miss Red and try to persuade her to calm down and enjoy little pleasures everyday life has to offer. I reassure her she is great and doesn’t need to do everything perfectly. I need her to get some balance in her life because she exhausts me. Then I visit Miss Blue, cheer her up and get her out of her negative cloud.

Eventually, on a good day, Miss Red and Miss Blue beautifully melt together (in a non sexual way of course) into an intense purple. When it happens, they don’t bother me anymore. We are all made from different colours;  like painters, we try to create a personality out of them. Sometimes they melt in an ugly way and create a big mess that takes a long time to clean up  (imagine mixing brown and green for example). After a bit more practice though, the colours might go to the right place and turn into a harmonious, rich personality. It’s not crazy anymore, it is artistic.

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13 thoughts on “Miss Blue and Miss Red

  1. I know what you mean about escape — out swimming this morning, I almost ran into a coral head thinking about writing. Posting and publishing certainly makes us confront reality and the world — very therapeutic, but oh how addictive. Besides, what good writer doesn’t use her or his individual personality quirks to captivate the readers? You are very convincing, so please keep us interested with stories about the inner workings of your mind. And thanks for dropping by. (Oh,yes, my follow commands are being ignored.)

  2. You write really well. Don’t worry, it’s fine. But have you recently tried entering your blog from the big Goo. and asking it to translate your page into French? I hope it makes you laugh at the machine and not cry over the mistakes.

    • Thank you! I did google translate my blog once or twice and it was pretty bad indeed :-). Maybe one day I’ll translate some of my posts in french myself…

      • You don’t sound crazy to me, but what artist isn’t a bit loony. :) It’s a clever piece of writing because we’re never convinced if it’s you and your own character, or the characters in your sketches. You may just have a heavy dose of introspection going on, or you are playing with us. I’ve heard its very healthy to sketch; gets you to think on paper. Please do illustrate your work, and encourage Léa to draw. Machines are taking too much space in our lives nowadays, and its refreshing to see people like you developing their artistic talents. Yes it is a challenge, but judging from the results, your time is being well spent.

        • I’m definitely not playing with my readers :-)
          It’s an introspection of course and it does really help me to write. Sometimes I feel much better after writing about one of my problems.

          Drawing is more for fun but maybe it’ll also have a therapeutic effect in the end. Thanks for your kind words, creativity is my favorite escape from screens.

  3. I love this post. The writing, the illustrations, and this feeling you describe. I see mine as two little guys sitting on each of my shoulders, one trying to seduce me with the image of a “normal” life, the other one showing me all the other great possibilities. It usually ends up in a fight, me getting angry at them and starting yelling “sh** up you two, I don’t want to hear you anymore and I will just go my way!”That’s when they turn their back to me to grumble and keep quiet until the next time ;-)
    PS: glad to know I’m not the only one to still like Simon & Garfunkel ;-)

    • Thank you so much Aurélie. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one suffering from mild insanity ;-)

      It makes it easier to imagine little characters and then we can remember they are our creation and we can silent them whenever we decide.

      I find it interesting that you picture 2 little guys, it must feel more like a sort of external pressure from society for you. Miss Blue and Miss Red are more like internal demons and I am afraid to become one of them…

      • I think the trick is to find other mild insanely people to feel understood and laugh about it, and people who are, let’s say, less crazy, to cool you down when needed. Strangely enough, these people can also be the same, since it’s a lot easier to be balanced when you’re not directly concerned… ;-)

  4. very clever analogy Cecile and well written. The small good things each day are the golden tints which add a glow to the purple.

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