The Joke Experiment (4/6)

After telling the banana joke to 3 men and 5 women, I was unable to reach a conclusion about the experiment. As Andrew had predicted, all the men I told the joke to laughed. Four women laughed a bit less and Heidi did not laugh. I still had 3 interesting male subjects to test.

4. My fiancé, Nick

It was quite late at night and we were lying in bed when I suddenly remembered I had to tell him the joke. Strangely, I was a bit nervous. What if he didn’t laugh? Would it mean that he was not attracted to me anymore?

Me: Neek, I’ve got this funny joke project for my blog…
Nick: [sleepy] Huh?
Me: [bossy] Come on, please open your eyes and listen, I want to try my joke on you, it is important.
Nick: Aight (it is something Kiwis and Australians say sometimes, it means “All right”).

He sat on the bed and waited. “The conditions are not perfect”, I thought, but I was too impatient to wait for the next day:

Me: What is yellow and invisible?
Nick: [impatient to go back to sleep] Tell me.
Me: [pretending to hold a banana and grinning] This banana!

He looked at me, astonished, and laughed. A big warm smile stayed a few minutes on his face and he said: “I like non-sense jokes like that”.

We felt happy for we shared a certain sense of humour. We certainly don’t share other things, like a taste in movies. Last night, for example, he convinced me to watch Zombie Land, promising it would be cool and hilarious (he’d already seen it, so I thought it might not be that bad if he wanted to watch it again).

After ten minutes of stupid zombies vomiting blood all the time combined with the non-existence of any storyline, I could not take any more of it: “This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen!” I exploded. It’s even worse than Scott Pilgrim vs the world and 10 things I hate about you” – other bad movies he likes. “I can’t believe you can enjoy it. It’s complete shit!” I went on.

He called me lame and pretentious. We cannot share everything I guess.

Next: The Joke Experiment (5/6)


8 thoughts on “The Joke Experiment (4/6)

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  2. Yeah, ok, her acting is a bit wooden. But that’s not a problem when she’s playing a plank of wood.

    “I don’t like Twilight. But I did watch all three movies. From start to finish. But only because I was curious”.

    Zombie-land is a hillarious movie first and a zombie movie second. It’s just sad that some people have such a narrow view of cinema that they can’t see one for being blinded by the other.

    I guess that’s the good thing about twilight. There’s nothing there to blind you, ever. The whole thing is AT BEST one layer deep, and usually less. Unless you have the rifftrax accompaniment

  3. @Nick – Julia Stiles has never been hot. She sounds like a man and is the most awkward person to watch in a film. Other than Mike Tyson.

  4. @Nick: LIAR! I did not like Eclipse, I don’t like Twilight! I watched it out of curiosity and certainly enjoyed it more than Zombie Land. And choosing a movie just because there is a hot girl in it; really?

    @Wendy: Thank you.

  5. Scott Pilgrim is awesome, and 10 things I hate about you had Julia Stiles in it when she was young and hot. It’s one from the past.

    Contrast with a movie Cecile enjoyed: Eclipse. Great storyline right there. Compelling acting. Brilliant direction. Vampires rather than zombies.

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