The Joke Experiment (5/6)

After my success with Nick, I was more confident than ever. I still wanted to try the banana joke on 2 men.

5. Another tandem partner: let’s call him Beat (a typical Swiss name), about my age, in a relationship, Swiss

I meet Beat once a week to practice my Swiss-German and help him with his French. We laugh a fair amount just because of the way we (mis)pronounce words. I only have to say “concombre” (cucumber) and Beat laughs, easy! Sometimes I try to make him laugh on purpose and it works. After a holiday in Rome, I told him:
“The Vatican is like hell” and he laughed for 2 minutes. I never assumed he was attracted to me though; I prefer to believe that I am truly funny.

When my turn came to talk in Swiss German, I announced:
“Irrrhh aan en Veetz” (I know it is weird, but that is how you say “I have a joke” in Swiss German).

He looked a bit surprised, and a bit annoyed too. I think he was tired that day and probably not a big fan of jokes in general. I went on anyway:
“Vas isch Gälb und unsirrhtbar?” (you should guess by now what it means).
He thought for a bit and said:
“if it is yellow it cannot be invisible.” Geez! Some people really don’t like jokes! This answer was the sign he would not laugh. I still made my best banana joker face and showed him the invisible banana. He could not see it. He did not laugh; he also looked at me like I was the dumbest person in the world. He must have seen the disappointment in my eyes because eventually, he smiled a bit and said:
“I don’t like this kind of humour. I bet it is an English joke: not funny.”

At least he was not blaming me but the English, that was my only comfort. I don’t know why I tried another joke on him later. Same utter lack of response. Same bitter feeling of rejection.

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