Posted in July 2011

A Song is a Story – Stairway to Heaven

(Play the song while you read for better enjoyment :)) The wonderful thing about “Stairway” is the fact that just about everybody has got their own individual interpretation to it, and actually what it meant to them at their point of life. Over the passage of years people come to me with all manner of … Continue reading

Fighting Insomnia

Kafka, Napoléon, Churchill, Van Gogh… All existed on 4 hours sleep a night. Gordon Gekko said: “sleep is for wimps. Wake up and smell the future.” Insomnia isn’t a curse; it’s a blessing which will propel me to FAME and FORTUNE. That’s what I told myself a few years ago. I was tired of trying … Continue reading

Why is Starbucks so Popular in Zürich?

Zürich is not a big city (380 000 inhabitants). Despite that, Starbucks is all over the place. The American franchise started the invasion only ten years ago and is now about to open its 16th café on Zürich’s main shopping street. It’s surprising because Zürich has many other cafés offering coffee and food of superior … Continue reading