Fighting Insomnia: what I do when I can’t sleep

I realised after writing the post about insomnia that I did not really say what I do when I can’t sleep.

First, I try to use my imagination to relax and stop over thinking. I like to imagine that I am lying on a magic carpet. The rug is very soft and comfortable. It flies in the sky among the stars. the night is very dark and cold but I have a special blanket that keeps me warm and stays on the rug. I look at the shooting stars and try to count them.

The flying rug

Other times, I imagine that I am on a boat in the middle of an agitated ocean. The boat is small but very safe and comfortable. Outside it is all windy and wavy while I am cosy in my cabin. There is a little window through which I can see the storm outside.

Boat in the tempest

When my imagination is not enough, I change beds. I can’t explain why, but sometimes just going to lie on the couch with my blanket helps me fall asleep.

Sometimes, none of these strategies make me sleep. And I am so tired that I can’t open a book or whatever. If I take a sleeping pill, I know that it will make me sleep but the day after will be painful: I’ll be stone. So I found another option: painkillers. It is a much softer option compared to the sleeping pills and it puts me to sleep. Of course, it is an option to use as seldom as possible.

And you, what do you do when you can’t sleep?

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One thought on “Fighting Insomnia: what I do when I can’t sleep

  1. Here’s some tips for you:

    1. Listen to French philosophy audiobooks, in French
    2. Turn on the hoover in the next room
    3. Fill the bath with ice and sleep in that
    4. Imagine you are in Tahiti with a hot French woman who is snuggling up next to you on a beach

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