More English Words I Don’t Dare to Say

I really try to work on my accent. I ask native English speakers to help me pronounce English correctly. Most of them either refuse to do so or are too busy making fun of me all the time. Nick, my fiancé from New Zealand, says: “Why would I want you to pronounce English like I do? I’d be bored!

Since he refuses to help me, I decided to use my accent as a weapon. This weapon has 2 functions:

  1. Make people laugh effortlessly
  2. Make me sound cute effortlessly

Nick has his favorites and I know that he won’t help smiling if I say them.

I’m thirsty

This one is a classic. It’s very close to thirty three. It goes like this:

Me: Neek, could you make a cup of tea for me?

Nick: Why don’t you get it yourself, you lazy butt!

Me: But I’m so sirstee! Please…

Nick (big smile): Oh, you’re sirssteeee?

Me (forcing my accent): Yes, I’m really siiirssssteeee, please, can you make some tea for me?

Nick: Okay

A little bit

Another one of Nick’s favorite. I use it mostly when he’s angry at me to make him smile again.

Nick: You’re annoying!

Me: But… do you still love me?

Nick: No, I hate you.

Me: But you don’t even love me a leedle beet?

Nick (big smile): I guess a leedul beet, yeah, definitely a leedle beet.

Massive weapon of cuteness. It works! Problem is, I don’t really have control over my weapon. I can’t really say a little bit differently when I want to be serious. I say it always the same way.


Last time I used the word, I was with Andrew.

Me: Androo, do you want to go to the pak?

Andrew: Huh? Where?

Me: To the PAK

Andrew: Ahh the PARK! Hahaha, the pak, the pak!

Since then, he regularly asks me if I want to go to the PAK. This kind of thing tends to stick for a long time.


Another word I’ll probably never be able to say correctly. But it’s a good weapon because I can use it in all sorts of contexts. I can even combine it with I’m thirsty. Genius! Last time I used it, it went like this:

Me: Androo, do you have some watah?

Andrew: Some what?

Me: Watah…

Andrew: Watah? hahaha. Can you say it again please?

Me: No! How do you say it?

Andrew: I say watah. Just watah.

Me: Dick.

Link to Part 1: English words I don’t dare to say


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