Thinking is Boring, Thinking is Hard Work

This guy has many, many points: my favorites: “What you need to do is buy things you don’t need, that’s the best way to support the economy” “Thinking is boring, thinking is hard work and is not worth the energy” “Meditation is a waste of good shopping time” “Smiling is bad for the economy, please do not smile” “Capitalism is a wonderful system. Okay, a few billions people get nothing. But still, think of all the people who get lots!” Now I don’t want to sound all hippy communist but today, the corporate world seem to have more power than governments. They have more money (apple has more cash than the U.S. government for example), a private security force and, most worrying of all, a powerful propaganda delivered through media and advertising. While there is a constitution in most countries to guard the citizens from government’s oppression, corporations have huge freedom to abuse their power. When there is even a hint of regulation they respond by stirring fear of layoffs and recession. We let our lives be driven by capitalism: we work too much to be able to buy more and more things we don’t need while trashing the planet. I don’t believe it makes anyone happy to work 10 hours a day and spend their saturday afternoon shopping.  At some point we need to wake up and find a better way to live. A way that respects other human beings, even chinese workers, even if it means no more cheap ipads. And a way that respects animalsand the ecosystem while we’re at it.

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