The Yoga Class

What do you call a hot guy in a yoga class? A mirage.

Usually when you think Yoga, you imagine a room full of women. So you’ll understand my astonishment when the door to my first yoga class opened to a room full of gorgeous men. They were wearing shorts and tight colorful shirts. The instructor, Reda, was tall and lean. His perfect body was only covered by micro shorts and a tight t-shirt. There was one other woman, and me. The atmosphere was filled with male energy.

As I introduced myself, I realised that 5 men were staring at me. They weren’t checking me out with lascivious intent, as I’m used to, but with the kind of appraising looks I normally get from co-women. Hum. Yoga… good-looking men… checking out my clothes rather than what they covered… micro-shorts… Aahh! Of course. You can’t spell yoga without g-a-y.

I wasn’t the only newcomer: Stefen, another guy arrived shortly after me. The yoga instructor got visibly excited. I mean he had been friendly to me but his friendliness was taken to a whole new level with Stefen. I can totally understand: Stefen looks like Wentworth Miller from Prison Break – arguably one of the hottest guys in the world and also probably gay.

“So today, we have 2 new participants in the class”, said Reda. He pointed at me first: “Here is… hum, what’s your name again? Céline? Oh no sorry Cécile, that’s right.”

Me done, next was “…And *STEFEN* is also new!”. Stefen got a luminous smile from Reda. I didn’t. And his name hadn’t been forgotten. Obviously, I couldn’t compete with Stefen’s exposed muscles shining in the dim light. I wasn’t jealous though; it was pretty entertaining.

The class began with a meditation session. Reda chanted in Sanskrit in a gentle voice while we were supposed to close our eyes and meditate. I couldn’t concentrate! I was overwhelmed by a pressing need to laugh. While I stifled a giggle, I couldn’t stop staring at the guys, especially *STEFEN*. I started to relax and to focus on the class when we began the breathing exercises. This yoga class was excellent for my self-control issue.

Then we started the yoga postures. I had been to other yoga classes before and I could tell this one was very good. Reda made us do a mix of easy and challenging postures while always helping us improve our position. He’s the teacher I’d love to be myself all the time – caring, taking the time to achieve the goals of his lesson even if it means finishing the class 15 minutes later, explains why and how each new move we were making was good for us.

At one point, we did the famous downward facing dog pose. It looks like this:

We did it several times and Reda corrected us. As we were doing the pose one last time, slower, Reda suddenly lost track of the lesson. He confused left and right, giggled and finally said: “Sorry, I am distracted by Stefen’s BEAUTIFUL downward facing dog, he he he, You got it Stefen, perfect.” I wanted to laugh again but I was deeply focused on my own posture and on my breathing. At the end of the lesson, I felt strong, relaxed and full of energy.

Yoga is good for you and for your body. Everyone can benefit from it. It was great to see men concerned enough with their well-being to bend their body into multiple and possibly painful positions. The majority of men who don’t are missing out.

Reda’s Yoga class is every Thursday from 7 to 9 pm. Check out the place’s website for info and more yoga classes:

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6 thoughts on “The Yoga Class

  1. “Sorry, I am distracted by Stefen’s BEAUTIFUL downward facing dog.” Ha! Loved this post, Cécile. I can see all of the beautiful gay men perfectly in my mind’s eye. You crack me up.

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  3. Man, I’m going to have to raise my game if I’m going to get my yoga face on to improve my bouldering skills.
    And get some shorter shorts to blend in.

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