Online Dating Expert helps Lonely Guy- 3

First Messages- First Success!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend too much time mocking women’s profiles. I only had 5 days to find at least one date for Andrew. I had to start sending messages! My first target was the pretty 30 year old who liked chocolate. Her profile didn’t say much but on the leisure section, it said she liked badminton. I quickly realised that most women wrote that they liked badminton. Andrew plays quite well and needed a partner to play against Nick and me. So I decided to use it in my first messages to the girls. I told Andrew about my badminton approach. He said: “Get me 3 girls; I’ll play doubles with them all and the best player will be my girlfriend.”

I sent my first message:

Hi! It’s my first day on the website and when I read your profile I thought that I should give it a try. You seem to be an open minded, genuine, passionate woman. Plus you like to play badminton, so do I! We’ve got so much in common already!

I sent more or less the same message to a few women. My only goal was to catch their attention to make them check Andrew’s profile. They’d reply if they liked his profile. Soon, a first reply came in! I was unreasonably excited. I sent the chick’s photo to Andrew. He was not excited at all. He said the photo looked really old- hard to tell how she looked like. I replied to her anyway and found out she had a 17 year old daughter… Not ideal for Andrew (I was afraid he’d focus on seducing the daughter more than the mother). I decided to find better and sent about 10 more messages.

The next day I had another reply from a very sweet-looking woman. She was blonde and 37 years old. I had sent her this message the day before:

Hi Rainy,
Unfortunately, I don’t speak German but I have the feeling that you are an adventurous, spontaneous woman. And I like it! So I thought I’d give it a try :-). I am English but I live in Zürich. Oh and I also like to play badminton! We have so much in common already!
I’m all new to this online dating thing so I don’t really know what to expect yet. How is it working for you so far?

She replied:

Dear Lord Flashheart,

It is my first try too on this dating platform, and so far it has been quite interesting. Although I could spend hours being online everyday with chatting and answering to all those messages. But I do not have that much spare time and I still live in my real world with my real friends. Have you been playing badminton recently? It is a shame that it is so bloody expensive to play in Zurich city, but nevertheless it is always great fun!

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Viele Grüsse :-)

My badminton idea was genius! I told Andrew about Rainy and he showed a bit of enthusiasm for the first time. “Let’s play badminton with her!” He suggested. It was not the best idea for a first date though. Better for him to wear a nice shirt and avoid sweat as much as possible. I smoothly suggested meeting in my reply to her:

Dear Rainy,
It’s an interesting way to meet new people but it can take so much time in the end. I don’t want to chat and send messages forever before I meet the person in real life. It’s not possible to check if there is a chemistry between two people through the internet I think. Have you met people already? What is the normal thing to do on a first date?

Of course, it worked. After a few more exchanges, I had my first date. My first date for Andrew! One was not enough though, I wanted to find at least 3 dates for him…

Next: Finding Andrew’s perfect potential girlfriend


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