Posted in December 2011

Challenge Cécile: The Carrot Cake

Challenge Cécile: The Carrot Cake

All French children are trained in the subtle art of making cakes, especially chocolate cake. Each year, we are given examinations, and if we fail, we are not allowed to smoke cigarettes or have affairs. Needless to say, I make an amazing chocolate cake. So when I asked Nick, my fiancé, what kind of cake … Continue reading

Switzerland’s Dirty Secret

Last week, on December 6th, I discovered a Swiss tradition that might explain why the Swiss are such good citizens. As I arrived at the school where I work, the secretary handed me a little bag full of chocolate and nuts. “Thanks!” I said, assuming they were giving me a long overdue and well-deserved reward … Continue reading

Online Dating Expert helps Lonely Guy- 5

Losing Patience Andrew’s first date with Rainy, the blonde woman, was all set up to happen on a Tuesday afternoon. The day before, I met Andrew to talk about the date. I started getting annoyed at his complete lack of enthusiasm for the date and the whole online dating project. He clearly didn’t believe in finding … Continue reading

Online Dating Expert helps Lonely Guy- 4

Finding Andrew’s perfect potential girlfriend The third day, another message was waiting in the Swissfriend’s mailbox.  A girl had seen Andrew’s profile, liked it and decided to send him a message first! Statistically, women sending a message first doesn’t happen much. Her message was great; I instantly fell in love with her. She wrote: . I LOVE … Continue reading