Posted in January 2012

English Words I Learned in 2011 (1/2)

A year ago, I tricked Andrew, an English teacher from the school where I teach French, into becoming my friend. I didn’t know many people in Zürich back then and he looked like a fun person. Everytime I bumped into him at the school, he always came up with a silly line that would make me laugh. … Continue reading

The Weight of Beauty

The journalists from the Daily Mail went to 4 major cities in England to ask girls why they dressed up like prostitutes to go clubbing. They made a very interesting article out of it. The photos and the answers are puzzling. The girls are half naked in very high heels in the middle of winter. Most of them say they … Continue reading

True Love: Girlfriend For A Day

True Love: Girlfriend For A Day

I drew a third comic for Andrew’s True Love project. He wrote the story but it was MY idea to add a cat, and it is awesome! You might also like: True Love: Crystal Ball True Love: The Flight

I need your help, woman!

I started writing an article about women and their relationship with appearance, fashion, self-image, self-confidence; and how these various factors influence the way they interact with others. I particularly want to write about the reasons why women spend so much time and energy on anything related to their appearance. But then I got stuck – … Continue reading

Online Dating Expert helps Lonely Guy: The Dates

I got three dates for Andrew pretending to be him on the internet and wrote a 5 part story about it here. He went on the dates and wrote about what happened … and what didn’t. Here is the intro: “I failed to get any dates through the internet, but Cecile’s hard work got me three. I dutifully turned … Continue reading

How to Lose Weight Without a Diet

A few years ago, I read a French book called Maigrir Sans Régime (lose weight without a diet). This book gave simple advice on how to eat consciously.  I still think about it today and I’ve had a stable weight for almost 3 years. With 60 kilos for 1.68 metres (132 lb for 5’6), the French would say … Continue reading