I need your help, woman!

I started writing an article about women and their relationship with appearance, fashion, self-image, self-confidence; and how these various factors influence the way they interact with others. I particularly want to write about the reasons why women spend so much time and energy on anything related to their appearance. But then I got stuck – I was writing too much from my own perspective and I realised the article would be much more interesting if I could learn more about how other women feel on the topic.

So, if you’re a woman, I need your help!

I created a quick anonymous survey for you to participate in the process. It’s only 10 questions (mostly multiple choice); it will take you about 2 minutes to do it and at the end you will all get to see the results! It is TOTALLY anonymous.

Here is the link: Women and Looks Anonymous Survey

Please share this with any women you know. Thanks in advance for your help!


6 thoughts on “I need your help, woman!

  1. Necessaire fait! Moi non plus ce n’est pas très anonyme tout ça! Mais j’espère que ça t’aidera! Hate de lire les résultats! bisous

    • Merci Carine, c’est marrant mais je ne reconnais pas vraiment qui a écrit quoi et pourtant je sais que plusieurs de mes copines vont le faire. C’est vraiment intéressant pour le moment, j’espère collecter un maximum de réponses!

  2. quand j’ai vu ton titre je me suis dit que tu allais écrire un article sur la vision machiste des hommes sur les femmes (finir ton titre par “woman” me parraissait comme dire: je n’ose pas te dire que j’ai besoin de ton aide FEMME)
    j’ai ouvert le lien, je m’y colle :)

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