My Zürich: A Colourful City

Before living in Zürich, I didn’t like the city very much because I thought it was sombre. Grey sky, grey buildings and people wearing black and grey mostly. I grew up in Nice which is an explosion of colours compared to Zürich. In Nice, the sky is bright blue, the sun shines and the sea is azure. Houses are yellow, pink and red and people wear bright colours. So Zürich was a bit depressing for me at first, especially in winter when the sun doesn’t show up for weeks in a row sometimes. But after almost 3 years, I start seeing the colours of Zürich. They are more discrete than Nice’s but they are all over the city. It’s good to be able to see them on a freezing winter day, and even better when the sun shows up.

Lake zürich: not the mediterranean but still beautiful on a sunny winter day.

Stunning sunset on lake Zürich (in Summer)

Colourful boats on the Limmat.

It’s only fair to say that I add colours to Zürich.

Zürich’s skyline from Jules Vernes, a panorama bar near the main station where you can see the whole city and watch the stars on a huge telescope on some nights.

A colourful street near Bahnhofstrasse.

Same street, it almost looks like Nice’s old city!

Little red train at Central.

Photo exhibition at Landesmuseum.

Christmas atmosphere (photo from my dad).

Le cirque! (merci papa pour la super poto).

The old city is beautifully lit in the evening (Another one of my dad’s collection.)

You can check out the whole album from my dad here.

And here is a link to Jules Verne Panorama Bar.

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10 thoughts on “My Zürich: A Colourful City

  1. Lived here for 8 years! Most depressing miserable place on earth from the greyness of the city to the denial, paranoid, self centred Swiss. Why you ask did I stay ! 3 million usd , was it worth it ! Now I look back I don’t think so!

  2. I have a shot of that colourful street near Bahnhofstraße, too, which looks even brighter because it was taken on Aug 1st and all houses were sporting Swiss flags.

      • I actually haven’t felt like writing any new posts recently. Didn’t seem like I was reaching anyone or anything with what I was doing, so I got a bit frustrated.
        I’ll see if I can find the picture and upload it for you.

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  4. The picture of you in the green jacket brings back funny memories of my first visit here with my wife 4 years ago before we moved to Zurich. It was winter, and I had an orange jacket. I REALLY felt that people were staring at me and that I stood out like a sore thumb and would never fit in! But here we are, 4 years later (with dark jackets;-) )

    • I still wear bright colours as much as possible after 3 years in Zürich, especially in winter. It cheers me up a little bit and I read somewhere that people have a better impression of other people wearing colours (more dynamic and happy or smthg)… So in short, you should wear your orange jacket again :-)

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