Challenge Cécile: The Café Correspondent (2)


After a difficult start as a website Café Correspondent in Zürich, I wrote the second article about Nordbrücke with my Swiss friend Beat.

Check it out here!

A few people wrote to me from the site to suggest places and I will try to meet and write about all of them. It’s great and exciting to receive such positive feedback.


3 thoughts on “Challenge Cécile: The Café Correspondent (2)

  1. My husband really wants to visit Germany so I read your article to him. We may swing through in the fall.
    Great post! I loved getting a slice of Zurich through your eyes. I also had missed the fact that you are French. I am writing a paranormal thriller that takes place there and am so happy to see that you write similar dialogue. I had been wondering since I haven’t been in 10 years. If there are some differences, I should include them in my book…expressions. etc..
    Off to tweet this!

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