My Zürich: Chocolate and Blossoms

Spring is here! Every green leaf and sunbeam brings me a rush of positive energy. New season, new projects: I decided to post photos more often. I’ll start with 2 things that make me happy in Zürich at the moment: chocolate and blossoms. Below is a sweet selection from my visit to Le Salon du Chocolat (the world’s largest even dedicated to chocolate) mixed with images of the blossoming trees around my house.

At Le Salon du Chocolat, it was possible to sample every kind of chocolate, I even had one with pepper in it and it was delicious. My friend Tory and I tried and looked at everything until we couldn’t bear the smell of chocolate anymore.


6 thoughts on “My Zürich: Chocolate and Blossoms

  1. I need to check out this place next time I visit Zürich. Luckily I get to go there on business trips occasionally. :)

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