Sea, Salt and Sun

Summer is my favourite time of the year. When I was younger, I used to spend my summer days at the beach, swimming, summersaulting and playing in the warm mediterranean water. I could never get enough sun, salt and sea. I miss those hot days now that I live in Zurich. Fortunately, Nice, my hometown, is only an hour flight away .

Holidays mean sleeping late, going to the beach, eating ice-cream, drinking coffee and colourful drinks. It also means being lazy; hence my lazy post this week. I selected a few excerpts from my summer days, between Montreux, Villefranche sur Mer and Nice. Enjoy!

In Montreux

Lake Geneva

Le Bougainvillier, synonym of summer in the South of France

Paloma Beach, not telling where it is!

This whole post is just an excuse for me to show off my white dress in Villefranche sur mer

An evening in Villefranche

Colours of Nice

Back in Zurich. No sea but dreamy summer skies every evening


Next stop: Vancouver in two weeks! Any cafés, bars, restaurants, ice-cream spots or sights we shouldn’t miss?


32 thoughts on “Sea, Salt and Sun

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  2. The Afghan Horsemen Restaurant for authentic Afghan food.
    The Eatery for funky and unique sushi.
    Granville Island – tons of shops, art studios, etc. Be sure to try a donut from Lee’s Donuts and a tea from the Granville Island Tea Company, in the Public Market.
    Gelateria Dolce Amore on Commercial Drive, an argument can be made for the best burger in town at Fets, also on Commercial Drive (funky shops and cafes abound there too.)
    Stanley Park – the Aquarium is expensive but pretty worth it – lots to see. You can always go for a walk around the seawall… the perfect snapshot of a Vancouverite’s daily life. You can also beach it up there.
    Spanish Banks (aka Jericho Beach) is a great beach, can get crowded but not as bad as downtown or Kits Beach.
    I agree with Lynn Valley – there is a fantastic little suspension bridge, and its free! (unlike the overpriced Capilano Suspension Bridge)
    Nearby Tofino is a little town called Ucluelet, worth a visit – they have a community-run mini-aquarium in the summer, all contents caught by locals and released back into the wild at the end of summer – really neat.
    Also in Ucluelet (or Ukee, as the locals call it) a great little store there called Pina, for some locally made tshirts/clothes with original drawings, very west-coast too.
    Phew, hope that helps – welcome!

    • Thank you Mélanie! I love to get recommendations directly from locals. My mouth is already watering at the thought of sushi, burgers, donuts and ice-cream… Perfect!

      Now I’m impatient to be there already!

  3. Have a great time in Vancouver! Hmm, I’m feeling overwhelmed with things to suggest! Some highlights:

    – You can spend a great morning or afternoon renting a bike and going around the Stanley Park seawall – you’ll have breathtaking views of the ocean and the mountains. There are a few beaches along the way, too, and the water will be refreshingly cold!
    – Robson St. is the city’s main shopping street – in addition to clothing, it’s full of sushi bars and other restaurants, cafes and gelato places, etc.
    – Gastown is the city’s newly trendy district, with interesting restaurants and interesting furniture stores and so on. It’s fun to walk around in.
    – Granville Island has a big market and some other cool stuff (such as a good improv comedy theatre with shows each night)
    – I forget how long you’re staying, but North Vancouver is also really great to see — you could go hiking in Lynn Valley Park, for example, which has lovely forests and a river running through it.
    – My favourite restaurant is Nuba (really really good Lebanese food) on Hastings St. –

    Can you tell I miss the city a little?! Can’t wait to see your take on it.

    • Thanks so much Kristen! I’ll definitely follow your suggestions :-)

      We’ll be there for 15 days- we rented a studio in town for 7 nights then we’ll go to Vancouver Island for the remaining time (Nanaimo, Tofino, Victoria and probably the Gulf Islands too). I’m adding Lynn Valley Park to the list of things to see while in town.

      I’m planning to write a post comparing Vancouver to Zurich as they both end up high on every best quality of life ratings… But it might be too ambitious a project so we’ll see :-)

      • I think the idea to compare the two is a good one. They’re both great cities, but to me they feel very different from one another. And Vancouver Island is beautiful — I’m sure you’ll love it!

  4. Wow, I do love that dress. I’m so happy your summer is going well! I have been to Nice! It was in high school and it was only for 1 day, so I’m not sure that it counts. Best go back some day just to make sure. ^_^

  5. Salut Cécile! J’ai découvert ton blog récemment, j’aime beaucoup tes posts et ta manière d’écrire!

    Quant à celui-ci, superbes photos, je me sens plongée dans une ambiance estivale rien qu’en les regardant… :)

    Laurène (autre Française bloggeuse de Zürich! :) )

  6. It’s a cute white dress you have – very suitable for summer lazing.
    Enjoy Vancouver – I was immediately charmed by the place when I visited a few years back…

  7. Lovely photos! We will hopefully be traveling on the Mediterranean next summer-so your photos gave me little butterflies!!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I have been trying to get to the South of France for years now, ever since I met my friends in Disney. I have a friend from Marseilles and one from Nice… but neither of them live there anymore… Someday :) Cute dress by the way!

    • I would recommend Marseille more than Nice but I’m a bit biased ;-) If you ever go, avoid over-crowded and hot July and August- June or September are perfect to visit.

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