Ask the Universe

When I was a child, my grandmother often drove me and my siblings between our various French-child engagements, such as accordion lessons and pétanque sessions. Where I grew up in Nice, looking for a parking space is maddening- cars are parked in and out of parking lines while disrespectful drivers try to sneak in front of you to steal the tiny space you just spotted. The last big earthquake in Nice was caused by David Banner turning into Hulk when he couldn’t find a park.

My grandmother wasn’t worried though. On our way to someplace, she would say: “I’m thankful for the wonderful parking space that is waiting for me.” And most of the time, she found one right away.

This was an impressive trick – by contrast, my dad would always drive us around for at least 15 minutes before finding a space, getting madder and madder all the while (he never turned into Hulk though). The only difference between them was that my grandmother asked for the space.

My grandmother, who would believe she just turned 80?

I never received religious education but my grandmother used to talk to me and my siblings about spirituality. Although we found it annoying sometimes, it taught us the basics  about the Bible and the different ways one could interpret it. Sometimes, she talked about “God” but other times, she just referred to “the divine presence”, or “the light”, or “the universe”.

My grandmother told us that when we had an unanswered question or when we really wanted something, we could just “ask the universe” and then trust that it will be taken care of.

Convinced by the car park trick, I started asking questions to the universe and I’ve always had some sort of answer. A few years ago, for example, I was attracted to a guy but wasn’t sure whether I should start a relationship with him. I asked the universe for a sign and the very next day, he cancelled our plan to go on a day trip at the last minute in a very rough manner (flimsy excuse, no apologies). I had my answer; I decided not to go any further than friendship with him.

More recently, I wasn’t sure if I should quit a corporate teaching job. It was every Monday afternoon and I hated it- unmotivated students, inconvenient location, unwelcoming atmosphere. The money was good but it gave a negative vibe to the start of each week. I wasn’t sure I should quit because I needed the money. Again, I asked: “Should I quit this job?” A few days later, I was contacted by 2 new potential students interested in taking lessons with me at a good rate. I had my answer. I sent my letter of resignation and now start the week with motivated, cool students.

One could argue it has nothing to do with the universe. It could just be that I’m more aware of everything happening after asking the question and that I see clues in random events. But whatever it is, it has helped me deal with my indecision several times.

I’ve also asked the universe to give me what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also proactive – waiting passively for the wanted thing to be delivered won’t get you anywhere. I always take the necessary steps to achieve my goals. Asking the universe is just a way to clearly formulate what it is that you want and then have a little extra kick of confidence to start working on it.

Three years ago, Nick and I were looking for a flat to move in together. Zürich is famous for being a very difficult place to find a flat. People usually visit places with 30 other couples looking for a place to live. We were prepared to go flat-huning for months before finding anything. We talked about what we wanted, wrote down all our criteria and I asked the universe for help. We did everything necessary to find the flat and 2 months later, we had the key to the 3 room apartment we had hoped for.

Unanswered questions and unfulfilled wishes potentially lead to obsession. This is counter-productive. Sometime we just need to let go and a solution will come our way. Asking the universe is trusting that things will turn out well eventually- no need to overdo anything.

To connect with the universe, you neither need wear a tie-dye robe with flowers in your hair nor burn candles and incense. My grandmother used to ask questions aloud or write them on paper. If she wanted something, she would write the specific details of what she wanted- it’s not enough to say “I want a job”, for example, you need to come up with a whole job description for better effect. Personally, I just ask for signs or things I want in my head. I also give thanks in advance and then I let it go until something comes my way. And it always does.

So next time you’re looking for a parking space, ask for it in advance to make sure there’s one waiting for you.

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41 thoughts on “Ask the Universe

  1. Yes, the Universe answers. I’ll ask the Universe a specific question, then forget about it. A few hours later, I’ll be watching TV in a daze, or listening to music, and the answer always comes to me. I can be completely spaced out, but something clicks inside of me when the answer arises, and I have an aha moment. Sometimes the answers immediately make me cry. It’s a strong vibration either way it happens.

  2. Thanks for your great post… I have been doing something similar and have a particularly large and important decision to make that I’ve been asking assistance for with my options. I’m just wondering how do you know when something is a sign?

    • Hi Jodie, thanks for your comment. It’s hard to tell if something is a sign or not. My suggestion would be to ask the question to the universe and then forget about it for a few days. Anything could be a sign, and the answer is inside of you, so it’s all a matter of interpretation. Just beware not to see the signs you want to see, just what happens, and what you can take out of it. Hope this helps- good luck with your big decision!

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  4. I did this today. I wasn’t feeling well, but I’m a workaholic. I grappled with the decision to stay home or not. I decided to “ask the kitty calendar” (one of those daily tear-away calendar things with a picture of a cat on each page – clearly a Christmas present). I kid you not: it showed a kitty sleeping in a bed, next to a stuffed animal and under a blanket. So I stayed home and I’m feeling much better now.

    • Your little story made me smile :-) I sort of want to see the picture of the cat sleeping in a bed now! Is there a photo of a kitten working in an office in your calendar as well? lol

  5. I laughed when i read your post and the story about your grandmother looking for a parking space, she’s really like my mom! And it works :)

  6. Dear C, WOW.
    I couldn’t love this more.
    This morning, I spoke this way in my car:
    I speak now to the intelligence that runs my son’s life. The one that keeps his heart beating when he sleeps….the one that heals cuts. I ask you now to orchestrate in his life, everything he needs for more confidence in himself. Help his teachers, his coaches, his friends…me and his Dad to conspire to give him what he needs to have more confidence.
    Your grandmother and me? We would get along JUST FINE.
    Love, Lis

  7. What a great way to start my Wednesday! :-) This post is indeed encouraging and filled with positivity. Work for what you’ve asked for, great lesson.

  8. Hello! Rian from “Truth and Cake” suggested your blog. I follow hers and she follows mine. I believe a lot in all you talked about concerning the universe, questions, answers, and other things mentioned. I totally believe in God; however, I don’t follow religion very well. The idea of sin and Hell don’t say much to me. God is love and God answers when I “speak” to Him. I ask questions all the time and I receive answers; not always the ones I want, but answers. And, those answers always (ALWAYS) work out for the best in the end. I am a happy person. You sound like one, too.
    I hope to hear from you sometime. I know I will be back.

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  10. I love this! I truly believe that this is how God works! Ask and you will receive…although it’s not always what we think it will be :) Thanks for the uplifting post! Your grandmother sounds and looks amazing!

  11. Bonsoir, you have a lovely blog here. I would like to introduce myself by showing off my French skills, but I have forgotten most of what I learnt at school, and I have only retained lewd and lusty come-ons as espoused by popular culture, and that would be the height of inappropriateness.

    This is less related to your excellent point about the Universe’s order of things, but is still very interesting. I read a book once featuring a hypnotherapist, who explained that the subconscious is a powerful tool when used correctly. If you have a question to ask about pretty much anything, you can relax yourself and ask your subconscious, and it will mull over the answers whilst you get on with other things. The answer may take some time and may surprise you, but because the subconscious is in tune with your moral compass and ideals, it will be the right decision by you. The hypnotherapist asked his subconscious for the name of his new stage show, for example.

    • Excellent point, thanks Chris. The subconscious mulling over the answers seems a more rational explanation than “the universe did it, because the universe loves me”… But I’m a bit hippy so I like the universe theory more ;-)

  12. I can now see where you got your astoundingly good looks from. :)
    From the examples you provided about the boy and the teaching class, it sounds as if you were having doubts before you “asked the universe” – then after asking you were more on the look-out for excuses to justify yourself. Maybe the signs would have appeared even if you hadn’t asked for them…but you might not have acted upon them in the decisive way that you did. Plenty of people don’t read the obvious signs about bad relationships or unhappy jobs – the more credit to you for (a) looking for signs (b) seeing the signs (c) acting upon the signs.
    Thanks for another great post!

    • Thank you Claire for another insightful comment :-)
      It’s true, I always have a little clue about the decision I should take before I ask the universe. The signs coming afterwards usually confirm or infirm my original orientation; they just make the decision-taking process easier…

  13. Positive thinking attracts positive things. ça ne marche pas à tous les coups, mais quand ça marche, c’est bon! j’fais ça aussi avec les places de parking ou juste rencontrer les bonnes personnes sur un chemin qui peut parfois être semé d’embuches.
    je vais y repenser la semaine prochaine en allant chercher un job, justement! ;-)
    Bon week-end!

    • Gubner, the guys in the photo are not my grandmother’s toyboys, they’re her grandchildren. I can give her your email if you’re interested for the position though ;-)

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