Capturing Falling Leaves Forever

Every Autumn, I feel an urge to collect all the yellow, brown, and red leaves scattered on the ground- I know they will soon be gone. That’s probably why I love Fall photos so much: they capture the ephemeral falling leaves and changing colours forever.

Many bloggers have shared incredible Autumn photos posts: check out this one from Art and Practice to see trees reflect in water; this one from Hunting For Bliss for an explosion of colours, leaves, and a cute dog; and this one from Tricia A. Mitchell for breathtaking shots. I can’t resist the pleasure of adding my own Fall post to the mass with a few shots from my dad.

My dad is a talented amateur photographer. His shots inspire me to try new things in photography and he always has a good tip to help me improve my photos. I bought my camera, a Sony Nex-5, following his recommendation. It’s a great camera: very easy to use and yet it produces excellent photos. On Saturday, my dad and I will take part in a photography workshop together. It’s great to share a hobby: it helps keep up with each other’s life, beyond “What’s new?”, and “How’s work?”

The first two photos I’d like to share capture a collection of flowers, and an intricate arrangement of leaves in a tree trunk my dad stumbled upon as he was walking in a park. That’s exactly the kind of assemblage I spent hours putting together as a child. Going away from my beloved books for a walk outside with my family was kind of boring to me at that time. But playing with the leaves, flowers, and anything I could find on the ground kept me busy and creative for hours.

I always regretted leaving my creation behind and would have loved to know that someone would later capture it in a photo. That’s what my dad did in these two beautiful photos, and I like to imagine the children who put it all together:

I can almost hear the wind and the leaves brushing gently against the wooden bridge:

This one is just an explosion of the warm golden light warming up  Autumn afternoons. This bright dark yellow is one of my favourite colours:

I just love the contrast between the small bird and the vast mountains here:

My dad had two beautiful children with his second wife. Here is my younger brother Benji, blending perfectly in Autumn colours with his cute little hat. Isn’t he adorable?

Amazing how well the water reflects the colours of the trees:

Cows remain undisturbed by the snow and the changes of season. They just keep eating, whatever happens:

I love how the evening light warms up this cold scene:

Want to see more amazing photography from Peter Meier? Check out his page!

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35 thoughts on “Capturing Falling Leaves Forever

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  2. Beautiful photos! And yes, your little brother is adorable.

    That’s a great idea to take a class with your dad. I might do the same but, as you know, living with him is enough.

  3. Well, it seems obvious where you got your creative genes from. :)
    My favourite picture is the bird and the mountain – I love the tones and the light.
    There’s something beautiful, poignant and enchanting about fallen leaves and autumn colours. A reminder that nothing lasts forever…but also that life always comes and goes in cycles…

    • “A reminder that nothing lasts forever…but also that life always comes and goes in cycles…” Exactly! There’s a lot of poetry about Autumn, the ephemeral nature of beauty, and all that. At first, I wanted to quote those poems along with the photos but then I came up with my own words instead. Autumn is definitely inspiring :-)

  4. Wow, beautiful pictures. My favorite’s the wooden bridge swept up in autumn leaves. It’s very poetic. Guess I’ve always loved bridges and small water-bodies. The photo with the cows reflected tranquility and as you said, the continuance of a ritual despite the changes in nature (constancy in the face of change!). I must admit your younger brother is such a cutie. Tell him Hi from me. Hi to your dad too.

    Sharing a hobby with your parents seems so cool. Guess that helps with connecting through generations and age gaps.

    Love ya Cecile, XOXOXO

    • I also find the photo of the bridge poetic and evocative. Consistency in the face of change is exactly what I need right now! Maybe that’s why I like the cows photo…
      Sharing a hobby with my dad makes our conversation more interesting, and that’s very cool. It doesn’t have to be a hobby, really. For example with my mum, we share a common interest for natural medicine and self-help books. I enjoy talking about it with her.

      Thanks for your lovely comments, Iris, they’re much appreciated :)

      • Wow…you are a lucky lady. I don’t share any common interests with my mom. She’s gracious enough to sit by me and watch my fave tv shows with me. I love her for that and more. People would sometimes get the creeps seeing the extent to which I love my mom.

        By the way, thank you for following my blog. It makes me want to believe in myself and my writing again. Do you write fiction? I do. I’ve always had this opinion that I do better at fiction than non-fiction. So, what do I write about in my blog? I’m in this constant confusion whether the subject I think of for a post is too banal and meaningless or is it worthy enough to be read by other people. *sigh*


        • Well watching TV shows together counts as a common interest, doesn’t it?
          I just started writing a children book with a writer friend and I love it! It’s the first time I write fiction, really. It gives me access to a whole new world.

          Non fiction can be tricky sometimes. If you write about a subject, it’s probably worthy enough. I never know myself for sure either, but I keep on writing and posting. Sometimes, people like it, sometimes, they’re indifferent to it… The only sure thing is that I’m learning something with every new post :-)

  5. Finally, the article is wonderfull with a great foto selection :-)
    I am overwhelmed with all the compliments!

    Cecile is a very talented writer, hopefully becomming a professional journalist.

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