Postcards From Australia

I’d love to give you some exciting updates about my new life in New Zealand, but I’m still completely buzzed from all my travels and the whole moving to the other side of the world thing. I just came back from a little holiday in Australia where I met up with my sister Flora. She’s on a ‘work and holiday’ visa until the end of July and I wanted to see her before going back to school in mid February.

I loved to find messages and comments from some of you asking me for updates. However, I need a bit of time to collect my thoughts and explore my new surroundings before writing anything that will be enjoyable to read. So instead of a collection of confused words, I’ll share a mix of pretty shots from Australia. I recently discovered Instagram and love how the tricks and filters it offers turn every photo into a postcard.


Sydney Harbour


Cogee Beach


In Brisbane’s Museum of Modern Art




Lazy animal


Lagoon in Brisbane


Byron Bay


I started learning Shorthand in preparation for my journalism course. Doesn’t it look like Arabic?


Byron Bay


Bondi Beach


A flower in Manly


Tasting local delicacies

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26 thoughts on “Postcards From Australia

  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Keep us posted.

    I’ve never considered journalism as a field but I’ve always been fascinated with, and wanted to learn, shorthand. Maybe I should pick up a workbook!

    • I’m sure you could learn shorthand by yourself. It’s quite hard work though: it’s like learning a new language! But then you can take super fast notes and very few people can understand them- a bit like a secret code! The book I’m working on is really well-made; i’d recommend it if you really consider learning shorthand. It’s Teeline for Journalists by Dawn Johnston.

  2. I’m jealous of you in the Southern Hemisphere. My most recent blog post has been pictures of grey, choppy Scottish seas; then today I had to contend with a broken boiler turning the house into an icebox. I’m glad that somebody somewhere is getting bronzed on a beach. :)
    Looking forward to the NZ updates when you’ve had time to sort out the words. I hope the familiarity of seeing your sister helped you feel a bit more settled in.

    • I’m pretty sure I’d get jealous as well if I was back in the cold Swiss winter. Sorry! I remember seeing sunny photos from my sister when I was back in Switzerland always brought a bit of sunshine to my grey day though.
      I’m sure the cold won’t matter too much once you’ll get a clearer idea about your plans for the year to come…

  3. Beautiful shots! Ha, now you and I are both overzealous instagram facebookers ;) Looks like you’ve been having a wonderful time with your sister. Can’t wait to follow your instagram journey on to New Zealand!

  4. I spent six months in Australia my junior year of college and this post just brings it all back. Especially this time of year, Australia is just gorgeous. Thank you for posting! I miss it.

  5. What a fun adventure! I’ve got to admit, I’m a little jealous of those gorgeous sights you are seeing, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see more photos. :) Keep them coming and keep enjoying yourself!

  6. I spent two months studying abroad in Darwin, Australia, so this post is close to my heart :) I bet new Zealand is amazing as well! I also saw a photo of Tim Tams on your instagram – aren’t they magical? :D

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