100 posts, a new blog, and an article in the paper

It took me more than two years to write 100 posts. I learned to write on this blog, made friends through it, and had a lot of fun. Coming up with ideas and getting them out here regularly wasn’t easy. But feeling connected to my friends, family, other bloggers, and even total strangers has been my reward.

I might post a bit less in the future- going back to school has been demanding of my time so far. But I want to continue.

If you miss me, check out my first posts on the blog I had to create as part of my journalism training. I will use it to share what I learn at school with photography and writing tips. I will also share my experience as a beginning journalist. Come along to make fun of my mistakes, or to share my little successes.

The journalism course is challenging but I’m learning a lot, and I saw my name in the paper for the first time yesterday. High Five!


Cécile Meier is in The Star! No, wait, they forgot the accent. Check the online version for easier reading.

37 thoughts on “100 posts, a new blog, and an article in the paper

  1. interesting article – that jewellery shop owner really dissed her fellow townspeople didn’t she! and i wonder what kind of ‘repercussions’ the locals are worried about happening if they complain openly?

  2. You wonder if we miss you? Sure we do. We’re thirsty for the amusing stories you once hinted at – quirky life in Kiwi land, upside down in the antipodes, travel, fiction, growth and change. As you already explained, your glass is always full; just take all the time you need, your followers around the planet are patient and understanding. Still, I suppose you’ve got lots to say about the Swiss and their banking, but we probably won’t hear a peep from you. Only your friends in class will get the scoop. Study hard and get good marks. :)

    • Thanks Whitt. I will try to gather and write good stories about my life in Kiwiland. I won’t write much about Switzerland for now though, but you never know when I might go back ;-)

  3. Congrats, Cécile! I’m so glad we could reach this milestone so close together. You really are quite the gifted writer and you would never know that English wasn’t your first language. How very exciting to see your name in the paper! You are bound for amazing things and I am so excited for the opportunity to watch as you conquer the world. =)

    • Thank you for the lovely words, Jessica. I love sharing my adventures with you guys. Bloggers are a supportive bunch and I miss having more time to read blogs and comment.

  4. I’m so glad you are published. And oh, I’m so happy for your accomplishments as a blogger. You are A FANTASTIC WRITER!! I adore your posts. Sorry that I wasn’t around these days. Looking forward to read about all your baby steps in journalism. And seeing your name on the paper must be such a heady feeling, huh?!


    • Hi Iris, I was so glad to see your comment. Sorry for the late reply: I need to catch up on my comments and write a new post! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments. I was very proud to see my name in the paper, but it’s only a story- journalists are always moving on to the next story. Have a great weekend xxx

  5. Cécile, so long as you’re publishing something somewhere, I’m very happy for you and know you will be successful. I will always be there to read it! Good luck with school and all of your new endeavors. ^_^

    • Thank you so much, Amber, and sorry for the late reply. I’m on a little break from school now- hopefully I can catch up on blog reading and write a new post soon :)

  6. Congrats, Cécile–both are such fantastic accomplishments! Barely into your journalism studies and already your name is in lights :) I look forward to checking out blog #2.

  7. There’s something so…official about seeing your name printed in a paper, isn’t there? Congratulations on the good progress.
    (Not that I need more blogs on my blogroll, but I’ll be sure to keep checking out your journalism stories)

    • Merci Caro. C’est vrai que ca demarre plutôt bien. Maintenant il faut continuer :-) J’ai vu les photos de votre van sur FB; c’est la vraie aventure australienne pour vous! Profitez bien du voyage.

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