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More English Words I Learned in 2011

More English Words I Learned in 2011

Read part 1 to learn English verbs and to know how I tricked Andrew into being my friend. Now adjectives and nouns (definitions are in red; Andrew made the pictures). Cheeky Impudent or irreverent, typically in an amusing way. Andrew told me his secret to score points with Swiss girls: “I ask them: ‘Bist du behindert?’ … Continue reading

English Words I Learned in 2011 (1/2)

A year ago, I tricked Andrew, an English teacher from the school where I teach French, into becoming my friend. I didn’t know many people in Zürich back then and he looked like a fun person. Everytime I bumped into him at the school, he always came up with a silly line that would make me laugh. … Continue reading

English Words I Don’t Dare To Say

Thirty-three Who said that English was easy? I hate any english word with the damned th in it. When the th is combined with an r,  hate turns into anguish. My French tongue wasn’t trained to utter such sounds. Hence, my options are to say: Firdy-free (when I am tired, I don’t even try) Ssirty-ssree (when I do … Continue reading