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My Zürich: A Colourful City

My Zürich: A Colourful City

Before living in Zürich, I didn’t like the city very much because I thought it was sombre. Grey sky, grey buildings and people wearing black and grey mostly. I grew up in Nice which is an explosion of colours compared to Zürich. In Nice, the sky is bright blue, the sun shines and the sea … Continue reading

My Zürich: The Hipster Side

My Zürich: The Hipster Side

Zürich is often wrongly perceived as a boring city where nothing happens. It may not be as exciting as NYC, London or Paris. But Zürich still has a lot to offer: cosy cafés, interesting museums with new exhibitions almost every month, plenty of concerts, a vibrant nightlife, amazing outdoors, and quite an international population. I’d like to … Continue reading

The Weight of Beauty

The journalists from the Daily Mail went to 4 major cities in England to ask girls why they dressed up like prostitutes to go clubbing. They made a very interesting article out of it. The photos and the answers are puzzling. The girls are half naked in very high heels in the middle of winter. Most of them say they … Continue reading

I need your help, woman!

I started writing an article about women and their relationship with appearance, fashion, self-image, self-confidence; and how these various factors influence the way they interact with others. I particularly want to write about the reasons why women spend so much time and energy on anything related to their appearance. But then I got stuck – … Continue reading

Switzerland’s Dirty Secret

Last week, on December 6th, I discovered a Swiss tradition that might explain why the Swiss are such good citizens. As I arrived at the school where I work, the secretary handed me a little bag full of chocolate and nuts. “Thanks!” I said, assuming they were giving me a long overdue and well-deserved reward … Continue reading

The Yoga Class

What do you call a hot guy in a yoga class? A mirage. Usually when you think Yoga, you imagine a room full of women. So you’ll understand my astonishment when the door to my first yoga class opened to a room full of gorgeous men. They were wearing shorts and tight colorful shirts. The instructor, Reda, … Continue reading

Refuse to Be a Human Billboard!

Refuse to Be a Human Billboard!

. I just saw this great award-winning short animation movie. The film uses over 2500 brand images, logos and mascots we all know to tell a story. It features Ronald Mc Donald as the villain and the Michelin Mascots as cops. Maybe the creators of Logorama, a collective called H5, chose the Michelin guys as cops because they’re … Continue reading

Zürich Demonstrates For Global Change

Zürich Demonstrates For Global Change

Today was the international “Occupy your city” day, following the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. I was a bit skeptical when I heard there was going to be a protest in Zürich as well. Switzerland is not famous for protesting- the Swiss never go on strike! It was also a cold and grey day; the conditions were … Continue reading

Thinking is Boring, Thinking is Hard Work

This guy has many, many points: my favorites: “What you need to do is buy things you don’t need, that’s the best way to support the economy” “Thinking is boring, thinking is hard work and is not worth the energy” “Meditation is a waste of good shopping time” “Smiling is bad for the economy, please … Continue reading

Friends with Limited Benefits

Friends with Limited Benefits

Being an extremely attractive French woman, I’ve always had trouble managing my desirability with my male friends. I have lost all of them at some point. Partly because they wanted my body, partly because I could not help seducing them. Now that I’m engaged and that I made new male friends, I want to work out … Continue reading

A Song is a Story – Stairway to Heaven

(Play the song while you read for better enjoyment :)) The wonderful thing about “Stairway” is the fact that just about everybody has got their own individual interpretation to it, and actually what it meant to them at their point of life. Over the passage of years people come to me with all manner of … Continue reading

Why is Starbucks so Popular in Zürich?

Zürich is not a big city (380 000 inhabitants). Despite that, Starbucks is all over the place. The American franchise started the invasion only ten years ago and is now about to open its 16th café on Zürich’s main shopping street. It’s surprising because Zürich has many other cafés offering coffee and food of superior … Continue reading

The Joke Experiment (6/6)

Links to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 I wanted to tell the banana joke to one last male friend. 6. Last victim: David, 31. Important fact: he’s gay How refreshing it is to hang out with David! I never feel awkward in his company. Why? a. He usually welcomes me with … Continue reading

The Joke Experiment (5/6)

After my success with Nick, I was more confident than ever. I still wanted to try the banana joke on 2 men. 5. Another tandem partner: let’s call him Beat (a typical Swiss name), about my age, in a relationship, Swiss I meet Beat once a week to practice my Swiss-German and help him with … Continue reading

The Joke Experiment (4/6)

After telling the banana joke to 3 men and 5 women, I was unable to reach a conclusion about the experiment. As Andrew had predicted, all the men I told the joke to laughed. Four women laughed a bit less and Heidi did not laugh. I still had 3 interesting male subjects to test. 4. … Continue reading

Ten Terrible Reasons to Get Married

It’s handy to have a husband. Who else is going to assemble the furniture, open jars, carry heavy stuff, empty the trash, fix my computer… all those things I am literally unable to do. The list of a husband’s possible uses is too long for this blog. To get a new name. No, wait, not … Continue reading

The Joke Experiment (3/6)

The day after, I had a 3 hours lesson with this group from the unemployment agency. I felt more confident because they had been awesome students so far. 3. A better crowd: 2 middle-aged men, and 4 women of various age, all Swiss “It’s our last lesson today, and after 3 months of intensive French, … Continue reading

The Joke Experiment (2/6)

The Joke Experiment (2/6)

After a successful first try, I was confident and decided to try the banana joke on a girl. I wanted to refute Andrew’s theory: he had predicted that only men would laugh at my joke because they “want my body” (his words, not mine), while women would at best smile. 2. Second victim: Swiss colleague … Continue reading

The Joke Experiment (1/6)

“I’ve been reading your blog and enjoyed it a lot” said Robert, an old friend from New York over facebook chat. “Only, your last one about your dead relatives made me sad, life is depressing enough; please write something funny next time!” Yeah right, like it was so easy to write something funny! The first … Continue reading

To Flirt or Not To Flirt?

To Flirt or Not To Flirt?

Flirting is necessary. How could we stand each other if we never felt the need to communicate pleasantly, to appear likable? The activity is hard to define, but let’s say that if you interact playfully with someone with no serious intention, then you are probably flirting a little bit. There is nothing wrong about it. … Continue reading