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Should I Listen to My Mum?

Mum: you gave me a great education and I love you. But sometimes you give me weird advice. It is often surprisingly funny. Advice on relationships and family 1. “Is Nick learning French yet?” my mum asked me the other day. “I would like to be able to communicate with him. Why doesn’t he learn … Continue reading

The Joke Experiment (4/6)

After telling the banana joke to 3 men and 5 women, I was unable to reach a conclusion about the experiment. As Andrew had predicted, all the men I told the joke to laughed. Four women laughed a bit less and Heidi did not laugh. I still had 3 interesting male subjects to test. 4. … Continue reading

Taking The Good with The Bad

“I don’t know what to write about on my blog this week”, I told Andrew this afternoon. “Write about the things you fail to get in your life!” “What? Why would I write about that? Besides, I kind of get what I want, usually.” I said, smiling smugly. “See! That’s your problem! Look at the … Continue reading