A little sugar in my bowl

A little sugar came my way in the form of the One Lovely Blog Award. Fellow blogger Jessica nominated me among 15 other cool blogs. I recently discovered hers, Defining Wonderland, and immediately liked the concept. Go check it out!

So I’m really happy for the attention and all… but the problem with this kind of award is all the rules I have to follow to get it:

  • Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.
  • Write down seven random facts about yourself.
  • Give this award to up to fifteen other bloggers.
  • Let them know they’ve won.
  • Pop the award on your blog.

The whole thing resembles those spammy chain mails nonsense I despised when I was in high school. It’s annoying, but fortunately I’m French and rules of society don’t apply to me. So I’ll bend them a little.

First, I am supposed to tell you 7 random facts about me. If you want to know 7 things about me, just go through my posts, they’re quite revealing already. I still want the award though because it looks cool and makes me feel important so I’ll write a list of 5 things. Only one fact in the list is true though, will you find it?

1. I’m the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. It explains a lot when you think about it: my mild insanity, my rule-bending habit and my hatred for the British (everyone knows the Brits are responsible for the death of Joan of Arc.)

2. I sing La Marseillaise every morning in the shower. Puts me in the mood for a good day.

3. Sometimes, I wear onion rings in my hair. It keeps all my male admirers away and makes me look even more french and special.

4. I steal food in the supermarket when I’m hungry. Once I finish eating the chocolate bar I took from the shelf, I don’t see why I should pay for it since only the packaging remains. Who would pay for an empty package, seriously?

5. I secretly hope there is a blogging police out there and that they’re about to arrest me for not following the awards’ rules. Then I’d be a real rebel, finally living up to Joan of Arc’s legacy.

Then I’m supposed to nominate 15 other blogs. Who the hell is going to click on 15 links?! I’ll give 5 links because 5 is enough. It’s a mix of blogs I just discovered and blogs I avidly follow because they make me laugh, think, inspire me and never disappoint me. Besides, most of my favorite blogs already received an award. I want to nominate the ones that didn’t get it yet- maybe it’ll bring them a little sweetness as well:

Andrew Girardin’s Blog: if you read me, you already know how this British guy makes me miserable both on his blog and in real life. His blog is one of the funniest things on the internet, annoyingly, so I read it.

Bread is Pain: France seen through the eyes of an American woman. Made me laugh out loud many, many times.

moving to new york is a blog I discovered recently about a girl on her way to move to New York. I liked what I’ve read so far.

Outbound: Whitt is one of my best commenters here and shares beautiful pictures and stories about ships, islands and the sea.

26 dates in 2012: another blog I just stumbled upon. A single girl wants to have 26 dates in 2012, the concept sounds promising and I enjoyed her recent reflections, even though they’re not about dating.

There are actually many more blogs I follow and like but I had to make a selection here.

Also a special thanks to French blogger Pauliakov for spamming me with a chain of questions. I didn’t do it because it was all in French and most people are too ignorant and lazy to learn my language. I appreciated the shout-out though, and her blog makes me laugh. Check it out if you understand French!

My only hope now is that fame doesn’t change me.

15 thoughts on “A little sugar in my bowl

  1. Pingback: Bread is Pain

  2. *I* would have clicked on 15 links! I like to discover new blogs and enjoyed the ones from your list. Andrew’s blog was already in my bookmarks!

  3. Obviously you are the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. No other option. :) Thanks so much for the award – will have to come up with another fun list!

  4. Being British, I thought about taking objection to you first fact. Then I realised that as a Brit I don’t care what the French think. ;)
    Congratulations however on your well-deserved fame & accolades. Just don’t start doing cocaine.

  5. Hi. Sure there are people who follow you advice; I’ve clicked all up and down your post, starting, of course, at Andrew’s place, and leaving comments here and there with your friends. Thanks for the nomination; it’ll try to improve to make my blog worthy of the award. Trouble is, I can’t think of the seven amusing things about myself; guess, like you, I need someone to nicely insult me to get m’brain ticking. Is that you at ESSLLI with “Formal Semantics?” Impressive talent. Anyway, the clip “Top of the Rock” was “out of sight.” Great idea using the personal shots turned vertical while panoramics of the city run horizontal. You keep good company.

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